In-Depth Guidelines For Foreign Company Registration in Malaysia

An unfamiliar organization may carry on business in Malaysia by all things considered:

  • Incorporating as a local company; or
  • Registering the foreign company. 

Unfamiliar organization is characterized under the Companies Act 2016 as:

  • A company, corporation, society, affiliation or other body joined external Malaysia; or
  • A unincorporated society, affiliation or other body which under the law of its place of root may sue or be sued, or hold property for the sake of the secretary or other official of the body or affiliation appropriately delegated for that reason and which doesn’t have its administrative center or chief business environment in Malaysia.



The enlistment of an unfamiliar organization is as per the following:

Name Search and Application of Name

  • The proposed organization name should be cabin by means of SSM online framework with an endorsed expense of RM50. In the event that the name is endorsed, it will be held for thirty (30) days from the date of endorsement
  • The time of the save name could be reached out with an endorsed expense of RM50.00 for at regular intervals or part thereof with a limit of 180 days.
Name Search and Application of Name

The unfamiliar organization name which is to be enlisted in Malaysia should be equivalent to the name enrolled in its nation of source.

Application to Register A Foreign Company in Malaysia

Inside 30 days from the date of organization name endorsement, the candidate may present the accompanying data to SSM

  • The name, distinguishing proof, identity and the common spot of living arrangement of each investor for Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) in Malaysia and, if any of these individual is a body corporate; the corporate name, spot of consolidation or spot of inception, enrollment number and the enlisted office of the body corporate;
  • The name, recognizable proof, identity and the customary spot of habitation of each individual who is delegated as an overseer of the unfamiliar organization in Malaysia;
  • The rundown of its investors or individuals at its place of root;
  • On account of an unfamiliar organization with share capital, the subtleties of class and number of offers at its place of cause;
  • On account of an unfamiliar organization restricted without share capital, the sum up to which the part embraces to add to the resources of the unfamiliar organization at its place of beginning in case of its being twisted up;
  • The name and address of an individual who is an inhabitant in Malaysia, who is delegated by the unfamiliar organization as its representative under a reminder of arrangement or intensity of lawyer; and
  • Other data that the Registrar may require.

The application made under section 562(1) of the Companies Act 2016, will be went with an assertion by the specialist of the unfamiliar organization affirming his assent for the arrangement.

Additional Documents Consisting of: 

Additional documents
  • An ensured duplicate of the endorsement of joining or enrollment of unfamiliar organization;
  • an ensured duplicate of Memorandum and Articles or other instrument characterizing its constitution, if accessible;
  • a duplicate of utilization and booking for accessibility of names, and
  • a duplicate of email for endorsement warning of reservation of name.

On the off chance that any of the portrayed enrollment records are in dialects other than Bahasa Malaysia or English, a guaranteed interpretation of

Such records in Bahasa Malaysia or English will be required to be connected.


Not more than RM1 million5,000.00
Exceeds than RM1 million but not exceeding RM10 million20,000.00
Exceeds than RM10 million but not exceeding RM50 million40,000.00
Exceeds than RM50 million but not exceeding RM100 million60,000.00
Exceeds RM100 million70,000.00
  • In deciding the measure of enlistment charges, the offer capital of the unfamiliar organization should initially be changed over to the Malaysian cash (Ringgit Malaysia) at the overall conversion standard.
  • In case an unfamiliar organization doesn’t endorse any offer capital, a level pace of RM70,000 will be paid to SSM.



A notification of enrollment of an unfamiliar organization will be given inside one working day by SSM upon consistency with the strategies and accommodation of appropriately finished reports. Certificate of enrollment of unfamiliar organizations would be given by SSM upon demand along with recommended charge. 

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